Siberian larch timber

Siberian larch timber

Latvia Timber International has procured 800 m3 of Siberian larch from Krasnoyarsk Region.

Following sizes are available:

• 50×125

• 50×150

• 50×200

• 63×150

• 38×125

• 32×125

Siberian larch is very resistant to rot and blue stain. Siberian larch is classified as a very durable type of timber by European standards. The timber from Siberian larch has a natural antiseptic, which, especially when soaked in resin, is highly resistant to insect and woodworm attacks. Siberian larch can also be used without any additional chemical treatment in situations, when other sorts of timber would get rot. It’s durability can be compared to oak. Siberian larch is 40% more flexible and 50% more impact resistant than pine. It is twice more fire resistance if compared to a pine. Siberian larch is very beautiful – it has a shade of red, the growth rings are brightly coloured and well visible in any cut, which makes it similar to the red oak.